Faucet Problems

Common Faucet Problems

Problem: Loose Faucet

The valves on faucets, sinks and tubes sometimes separate from the water supply lines because of the excessive pressure that is used to turn the valve off and on. This can cause further problems since this allows water to leak outside AND inside the wall as well as underneath counter tops. The best solution would be to replace your old faucets on these items as soon as possible to help prevent any further damages.

Problem: Dripping or Leaking Faucet

The four major types of faucet are: ball, ceramic disk, compression, and cartridge.
* A leaking faucet slowing drains money out of your wallet.
* It also wastes a very valuable resource of water during times of water conservation.
* A single steady drip can cause you to lose $25 or more in a very short time.

The more leaks you have the more money it costs you every day. It’s your hard earned money going down the drain. You must also figure in additional fuel costs if water is dripping from the HOT faucet causing your water heater to work overtime. Occasionally a faucet leak on an older faucet or sometimes a newer faucet can’t be repaired. In that case the faucet would need to be replaced. If that happens Ricky Eade Plumbing Co. offers a full line of faucets installed at reasonable prices. New faucets furnished and installed by Ricky Eade Plumbing Co. come with a 1 year limited warranty on labor and parts for the faucet repair. After the first year limited warranty the warranty reverts to the warranty offered by the faucet manufacturer.

Problem: Loose Faucet Sprayer

Most homes have modern sink faucets that are equipped with spray hose units. Over time with constant use, these units will start leaking, loosening, or just stop working properly.

A faucet sprayer assembly contains a:
•Spray head. This includes the activating lever and aerator assembly
•Diverter valve within the body of the faucet, which is what changes the stream of water from the faucet to the sprayer
•Flexible hose that is connected to the faucet underneath the sink
•The spray head body and lever are part of one sealed unit. If it malfunctions, the entire unit will need to be replaced. If an identical unit is not available, a universal unit can be used as a replacement. Other parts of the spray system can be repaired if they break.

Water Conservation Tip:
Just by having low-flow aerated faucets installed on your all your sinks, you can save hundreds of gallons of water a week! Less water usage means a lower utility bill.

Problem: Sprayer is not working properly

The aerator of the spray head is just like the aerator on a faucet. The aeration screen may be clogged with sediment or mineral deposits if the faucet spray is hampered or if it sprays out at an angle. The aeration screen will require cleaning and re positioning. There may also be a buildup of lime deposit or other minerals in the diverter, sprayer, or both.

Check for buildup:
•Turn off both the hot and cold water supply
•Unscrew the base of the faucet and remove it.
•Remove the diverter from the faucet base.
•Remove the sink screen and aerator from the main faucet.
•Soak the parts in Lime-A-way or vinegar to clean.
•After cleaning, put all parts back in place, turn on the water supply and test your sprayer.
After cleaning the parts you find that it did not resolve your problem then call Ricky Eade Plumbing today for the solution!

Problem: Excessive Faucet Noise

If your faucets whistle, scream, or make a chatter like noise when turned off and then, remember that this is not unusual. Possible causes for a noisy faucet can be a loosened washer which is often the most common reason why faucets make excessive noise. Sometimes, the washer may even be the wrong size.

More serious problems commonly present themselves in newly built houses. Some homes are built with pipes that are too small to allow proper water passage. In older homes, the pipes may develop restrictions, like mineral deposits, that keep the water flowing freely. Which ever is your issue, the pipes will need to be replaced to eliminate the noise. Whether the noise is a simple fix or a more in-depth problem, we can help you get rid of that annoying faucet noise.

Problem: Low Water Pressure

Older faucet models contain a stem washer and seat within the body of the faucet. Most faucets have an aerator at the opening of the faucet through which the water flows out. The aerator contains many tiny holes that can easily become clogged.

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